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Taking the pulse of the COVID-19 response in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latinobarometro is an annual public opinion survey involving around 20,000 interviews in 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries.  

Informal innovation: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

History has shown that small innovations, taken together, can have big results.  

Digital transformation to recover into a green economy

A look at emerging trends in developing economies which have the potential to make a lasting impact.  

Open- or closed-source?

Exploring the role that digital can play in fighting COVID-19.  

Have your say: Take part in strengthening UNDP’s SDG Impact Standards

How investors and companies can target their activities and measure their impact.  

The choices we make will determine the future of the Maldives

While attention is focused on the coronavirus COVID-19, we must not forget the damage being wrought by climate change.  

Building back greener in Africa

African leaders highlight the opportunity for a triple dividend; reduced risk, increased resilience, and strengthened recovery.  

COVID-19 is a call to re-write the contract between people and planet

SDG Integration is how we can make it happen.  

What does coronavirus mean for women

While the COVID-19 crisis affects everyone, women and girls face additional risks.  

UNDP and Samsung fighting COVID-19

Successful partnership marks first anniversary.  

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