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How COVID-19 fosters support and solidarity

Serbians are witnessing many inspiring acts of solidarity during the coronavirus health crisis.  

How to address a shrinking population

Tackling a multi-faceted development challenge.  

The price of doing nothing is too high

Despite talk of impact and social purpose, few businesses are putting sustainable principles into action. Yet to achieve the SDGs, the private sector will have to participate.  

Building a development programme that works: three lessons from eVIN

The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, or eVIN, uses technology to help health workers ensure that vaccines reach every child.  

Zakat for the SDGs

Zakat is one of the largest forms of wealth transfer to the poor and needy in existence. Inspired by the Muslim faith, Zakat is now a global phenomenon of relevance and not only in Muslim majority…  

Nine keys to creating an SDG Country Platform in Indonesia

Did you know Indonesia is the second most generous country in the world, with a whopping 79 percent of people having donated funds in the last month? Together with domestic private investment, which…