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Our cities are on the frontline of changing climate

By 2050 two out of every three people are likely to live in cities with continued growth in urbanization across the world.  

Costing crises and pricing risk: delivering on ‘sustainability’

Earthquakes. Cyclones. Drought. Conflict. The Ebola outbreak. Oil price collapses.

Shocks and stresses of different kinds strain countries, communities and families and set back development,…  

The Ocean Conference: An integrated vision must be delivered

At the Ocean Conference, scheduled to take place 5-9 June in New York, nations will gather to discuss how best to deliver on Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Below Water. This event is critical…  

The Sendai Framework: Underwriting the Sustainable Development Goals

Late into the night of 17 March 2015, now more than two years back, Member States, after a marathon negotiation session, finally agreed upon the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The…  

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