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[2017 Data]

The Government of Ukraine has entrusted UNDP with the procurement of medicines and medical products starting from 2015.  As of today, UNDP has delivered around $260 million worth of life-saving medicines and medical products. This cooperation helps to address corruption risks associated with public procurement in the healthcare sector, as well as risk of discontinuity in the health products’ supply and possible interruption of treatment of patients. It has also significantly reduced delivery time, introduced modern affordable medicines, improved quality of procured medicines, vaccines and medical products as well as achieved dramatic savings for the state budget. UNDP conducted procurement under 26 state programs generated around $25 million of savings, allowing additional medicines to be provided to the citizens of Ukraine.

UNDP-led procurement of medicines has been also the main step towards a comprehensive state healthcare procurement reform -  a critical governance issue for SDGs, with specific relevance to SDG 3 on good health and wellbeing.


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