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[2017 Data]

Argentina is a strategic partner of UNDP for accelerating the achievement of the SDGs in the context of an upper middle-income country. The Argentinean government is the main contributor of the Country Programme, mainly focused on the social protection network: youth employment, inclusive and sustainable productive development, technological innovation, public sector modernization, access to justice for the most vulnerable sectors, sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity, climate change, sustainable energy, disaster risk reduction and the gender equality approach mainstreamed in all initiatives.

Some of the strategic outcomes that contributed to the SDGs include: 198,000 people guaranteed food security, through assistance to soup kitchens managed by civil society organizations (SDG2); 15 million people without health insurance gained access to health services (SDG3); development of the Political Parity Index, contribute to the debate of women’s participation in politics (SDG5); Energy and Climate Change Sectoral Plan duly formulated (SDG7); 7,589 youths trained and joined the labour market (SDG8); Nationally-Determined Contributions, submitted with a view to achieving a net emission of 483 million tCO2eq by 2030 (SDG13); 5.4 million hectares incorporated into territorial governance and native forest conservation plans (SDG15); and access provided to justice-related services for deaf and hearing-impaired women victims of gender-based violence (SDG16).



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