From UNISDR: "The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is a biennial forum for information exchange, discussion of latest developments, knowledge and partnership-building across sectors, with the goal of improving implementation of disaster risk reduction through better communication and coordination amongst stakeholders. Its core function is to enable governments, NGOs, scientists, practitioners, and UN organizations to share experience and formulate strategic guidance for the implementation of global disaster risk reduction agreements: the 2005 Hyogo Framework for Action and its post-2015 successor the Sendai Framework."

About UNDP: As the largest service provide of disaster risk reduction and recovery efforts in the UN System, UNDP provides on the ground support to over 100 countries globally, working with partners to strengthen climate & disaster risk governance; improve local and urban resilience; enhance early warning systems and preparedness measures; ensure the availability of reliable risk information; and facilitate long-term, resilient recovery processes. 




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