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Crisis Response

How we do it

UNDP’s crisis response rests on a well-coordinated approach that allows the entire organization to work together coherently. The organization develops, maintains and regularly updates a set of response tools and coordination mechanisms to respond quickly, predictably and effectively to crisis in a broad range of contexts.

We created 123,680 work days that not only provided people with immediate income but also a sense of dignity
In 2016, we touched the lives of 2.3 million Syrians through rehabilitation and jobs programmes.
In Central African Republic, emergency employment included rehabilitation of access routes to the fields, markets and basic social services like schools, health services and water points.

Crisis response toolbox

Our crisis response toolbox includes fast deployment of first responders and planning teams for recovery, post-disaster and post-conflict needs assessments; and fast-track procedures for procurement and operational support. Management is centralized through UNDP’s Crisis Response Unit to ensure effective coordination, a strong whole-of-UNDP approach, and consistent engagement with humanitarian actors.

A key feature of the toolbox, Crisis Response Packages enable us to deliver concrete actions on the ground within a few hours of the onset of a crisis. They ensure that resilience-building begins immediately and simultaneously with humanitarian activities, as agreed during the World Humanitarian Summit.

Our tailored crisis response packages help :

  • restore core government functions
  • stabilize livelihoods
  • manage debris and rehabilitate infrastructure
  • plan recovery

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