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The United Nations Development Programme is mobilizing all our assets to help the most vulnerable prepare for, respond to and recover from the pandemic. Join us in the fight by giving to one of several community impact projects around the globe to protect and support the livelihoods of people affected by COVID-19.

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As the UN’s lead agency on socio-economic impact and recovery, UNDP has been helping countries prepare, respond, and recover from COVID-19. Our global network came together in unprecedented ways to deliver on focused responses on a country level, and through projects like the ones below, you can make a huge difference to prevent the impacts of economic reversals and widespread loss of income.

UNDP will be there to help countries recover long after this crisis is over. Your donation helps make this work possible so that together, we will recover and rebuild better.



Help countries prepare for the widespread impact of economic loss




Make a difference in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Act now to contribute to COVID-19 recovery

How your donation helps

UNDP will be there to help countries recover long after this crisis is over. Your donation helps make this crucial work possible so that together, we will recover and build forward better.

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Current Community Impact Projects

Whether you are personally connected to a particular region of the world, or simply committed to sustainable development in one of the 170 countries and territories UNDP serves, impact giving is the most direct way for individuals to support the nuanced needs of global communities, cultures and peoples. Learn about the UNDP initiatives leading the way towards recovery and resiliency.



Together for Tamaraws

Keep conservation heroes in their jobs. Rangers protecting the endangered tamaraw buffalos in the Philippines have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19. Your gift will prevent illegal poaching while ensuring the rangers’ survival.



Bringing school back to children

Thousands of girls and boys living in the rural areas of Morocco cannot afford access to digital remote learning. Help us provide tablets and Internet connectivity to vulnerable students to allow them to complete their education during and after COVID-19.


Koh Tao, Better Together

Support COVID impacted communities to sustain their lives and ecosystem  in Koh Tao. With funds generated from this campaign, 200 hundred boat drivers will collect marine debris and clean the beaches under the ‘cash for work’ modality. Households will be able to use the temporary basic income for food and basic utilities.


Open Up India

India’s informal sector workers comprise more than 80% of the labour force and are deeply impacted by COVID-19. Act now to help them rebuild their lives.


Stronger Together for Mauritius

The catastrophic oil spill exacerbated livelihoods of thousands of Mauritians which had been damaged by COVID-19. Your gift will help fishers to rebuild and restore their livelihoods by enabling them to fish off the affected lagoon and to support their families.