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Social Good Summit: From an idea among friends to a global movement


SGS ChinaThe Social Good Summit brings together global leaders, technology experts and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time. UNDP photo


When a group of inspired citizens got together seven years ago, asking themselves the question “what if we could have an open, transparent gathering, during UN Week – a real Peoples' Summit?” they could not have possibly imagined where the answer to that question would lead them.

I was lucky enough to be present to witness the start of this global movement and have seen it grow over the past seven years. It has been quite a ride, to say the least.

We have seen former presidents, current vice-presidents, rock stars, scientists, global grassroots leaders. We saw new inventions and innovations for social impact. We saw a worldwide conversation with millions of participants and billions of messages. The list goes on and on.

This year we will again push the boundaries during the seventh annual Social Good Summit. In New York and in over 80 locations* all over the world, people will gather to discuss the greatest challenges of our world, and come up with innovative ideas to use new media and technology to address those.

These ideas and conversations are the lifeblood of the Social Good Summit. If we look hard enough and listen well enough, we will be able to find the seeds of our world as we want to see it in 2030. This is the key philosophy behind the Social Good Summit: Imagine your world in 2030. What does it look like? What role are you playing as your future self? And what must your present self, do, with others, to get to that point?

This year is also exciting for a few other reasons. First of all, the Global Goals Week is kicking off with an amazing array of events that you can join, talk about, or simply witness and experience online. This includes the Social Good Summit but also the first ever Global Goals Soccer World Cup, and the annual Global Citizen concert. Follow #GlobalGoals Week on Twitter for all the latest action.

Second, in over 45 locations around the world, people are going beyond conversation and creating real impact in #GlobalGoalsJam events. Because we want you to join us on this journey of discovery, invention, conversation and action.

Seven years ago, had you asked me what would become of the Social Good Summit, I would likely have smiled and expressed a modest hope for success. Now, I know what is possible with your help – you, the organizers, the mobilizers, the advocates. You, who have joined year after year to grow this global movement.

Let us take the next step. Let's make #2030Now.


* Find out where the nearest Social Good Summit is in your country by checking out our Map.



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