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The Angry Birds wish you a Happy Earth Day


Red eating under a tree

Happy Earth Day to my feathered and non-feathered friends!

I’m writing to you from Hong Kong. I’m here as part of my tour around the world as the United Nations Honorary Ambassador for Green. I’m talking with people about how important it is to take action on climate change. After all, by taking small actions like using public transportation or turning off your lights, we can all make a difference.

And today is a big day! It’s Earth Day and the signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement. Last December, over 190 countries agreed to a new global deal to tackle climate change in Paris. This launched a new era of climate action around the world. Today, leaders from over 100 countries are all gathering at the United Nations to sign the deal. There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day!

We need everyone to take action. Here in Hong Kong, the country is already experiencing hotter seasons, more rain, and sea level rising. Many other parts of Asia are experiencing similar impacts and this is affecting how the region gets its food and water. Climate effects like these should make us all angry!

The UN and UNDP are already helping countries in the region to address climate change. From developing early warning systems in Bangladesh to installing solar panels in Cambodia to protecting forests in Myanmar, the UN and UNDP are doing all it can to help countries to chart a better future.

That’s why I want to give a big high five (or high wing for all my bird buddies) to all of you joining the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign. We have already reached over 500 million people with #AngryBirdsHappy so keep on sending those photos of you doing good things for the planet. By going green, we are charting a new future. One that we can all celebrate today!

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