UNDP Transformation Series

The UNDP Transformation Series gathers progressive ideas and voices on achieving the 2030 Agenda through UNDP's Strategic Plan.

Getting COVID-19 supplies to Serbia

With even the world’s most advanced economies experiencing a lack of medical supplies, the odds were against a small country.  

Addressing mental health during COVID-19

The toll coronavirus is exacting on psychological distress.  

For a lack of soap and clean water, disease flourishes

A call for leaders everywhere to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene to all.  

Utilizing the untapped potential of Pakistan's young

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the vulnerabilities of globalization, but it also highlights the opportunities for improvement to create a better world.  

Crowdfunding unites us #TogetherAgainstCOVID19

UNDP’s fundraising platform has been opened wider to support a surge in demand for crowdfunding.  

One governance challenge, three vaccines

Recovery is about effective governance and requires a strong component of institutional transformation to be effective.  

The need for universal basic income

As coronavirus continues to contribute to economic misery for millions, bolder ideas are needed.  

Economic growth without climate action is no longer feasible

How bold climate action will improve COVID-19 economic recovery.  

COVID-19 and a new way of working

Realizing the humanitarian development and peace nexus in the time of coronavirus.  

Islamic finance takes on COVID-19

As Muslims all observe the holy month of Ramadan during coronavirus, we look at ways Islamic fiance can contribute to fighting a pandemic.  

Earth Day and what climate action looks like during COVID-19

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day we are also faced with a pandemic unprecedented in our lifetimes.  

A pandemic gives permission for change

How coronavirus can bring the 2030 Agenda into clearer focus.  

Bringing the power of global innovation to tackle COVID-19

A major global effort to identify easy, low cost coronavirus solutions for the developing world.  

The unequal effects of coronavirus

Protecting Mexico's women from the pandemic's consequences.  

Applying the hard lessons of coronavirus to the biodiversity crisis

The pace and degree of transformative change can surprise us. Powerful interests want to maintain the status quo, but a crisis challenges these dynamics.  

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