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Inclusive sustainable growth

UNDP’s support to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth helps people to contribute to and benefit from economic growth with minimal impact on the environment. We believe that creating enabling conditions for inclusive growth helps bridge economic, social and environmental gaps for sustainable development.

UNDP is working extensively with other UN agencies, and development actors including IFIs, private foundations, the private sector and civil society, to support and assist countries as they pursue inclusive and sustainable growth strategies.

Indigenous peoples number more than 370 million living in some 90 countries. They have been largely left out of the progress made towards global cooperation for development.
Montenegro: A banker who became a ‘green’ farmer.
Vocational trainings conducted by UNDP Early Recovery programme have helped hundreds of men and women from flood affected areas in Sindh and Punjab earn livelihoods and begin life afresh.

The three broad policy priorities that frame UNDP’s support to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth tailored to the development needs of countries are:

  • Integrated planning for inclusive and sustainable growth. Activities include establishing evidence based analysis for national plans, promoting economic diversification and sustainable growth, and effective natural resource management.
  • Supporting employment creation, decent work, and redistributive programmes to address poverty, inequality and exclusion. Activities include promoting decent work; removing barriers in access to labour market opportunities; improving working conditions and scaling up redistributive programmes especially to support the social protection systems.
  • Mobilizing and scaling up financing for enabling transition to inclusive and sustainable growth. Activities include promoting fiscal policies consistent with inclusive and sustainable growth objectives; promoting domestic resource mobilization and the adoption of innovative financing mechanisms for environmental sustainability and clean energy.

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