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Urban and community risk management

The increasing impacts of disaster and climate risks pose significant challenges to communities, both in urban and rural areas, in their efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. Whilst efforts to mainstream disaster and climate risks into urban and community development plans have become more widespread, investments in both financial and technical capacities are still heavily concentrated on preparedness and emergency response rather than risk reduction. UNDP’s work on Urban and Community Risk Management seeks to address these challenges and help scale-up local pilot interventions by linking them with local development planning and budgeting processes.

Specific areas of support include strengthening integrated disaster and climate risk management capacities of local governments, municipalities, cities, rural district administrations, and grass-root communities; expanding investments in risk-informed local and community development; providing know-how and technical assistance for implementing integrated risk reduction measures at local level, such as climate resistant livelihood and recovery measures; and supporting elected representatives of local government administrations to link with at-risk communities and citizens.

UNDP’s support to Urban and Community Risk Management is aligned with all priorities of the Sendai Framework on DRR and helps foster implementation of disaster risk reduction at the local level. From 2005 to 2015, UNDP provided local and urban risk management to at least 75 countries, resulting in a better understanding of local governments and communities of the risks they are exposed to, as well of how to build on their capacities, knowledge and culture in efforts to reduce and manage risks.

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