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Preparedness & early warning

Early warning and preparedness systems have the potential to significantly reduce the loss of life and livelihoods from disasters, simultaneously building resilience and supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNDP’s work in this area supports countries with comprehensive multi-hazard early warning systems, as well as the development of medium and long-term forecasting capacities.

Specific areas of support include strengthening effective coordination for effective dissemination of early warning and preparedness messages; expansion of infrastructure and technical capacities of forecasting institutions; building contingency planning capacities at national and local levels; improving policies to enable emergency response agencies (such as the civil defence, police, armed forces, red cross/crescent, search and rescue or municipal fire services) to respond to emergencies; community training and drills and linking traditional knowledge to science; and forging formal partnerships among ICT companies, government, civil society, and media houses—promoting innovative communication to share actionable warning messages with all stakeholders, ensuring ‘last mile’ connectivity.

UNDP’s support to Preparedness & Early Warning is directly aligned with Priority 4 of the Sendai Framework on DRR on ‘Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response, and to build back better in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction’. Currently, UNDP has 96 active early warning and preparedness projects. These projects support countries to enhance coordination and multi-stakeholder participation, and the use of innovation, to better connect national and local early warning systems to the most vulnerable communities.

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