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Planning and implementing recovery

UNDP promotes recovery through a ‘Build Back Better’ approach. As people rebuild their homes and livelihoods, UNDP works with them to improve building standards and pursue diversification of livelihoods. By helping governments restore social-services and ensuring local markets can resume their business, UNDP addresses the human-needs of disasters; by helping to strengthen systems and infrastructure, UNDP aims to not only reconstruct but to build resilience against future disasters.  

Working through its network of nearly 170 country offices, UNDP supports governments to develop recovery policies; formulate recovery guidelines; develop institutional arrangements; and assign technical resources for recovery support. Throughout the process, UNDP emphasizes the social-economic aspects of recovery and seeks to make recovery a more community-centred process, making the process inclusive with participation of all stakeholders. In particular, UNDP highlights the gender dimensions of recovery by promoting women as leaders and active participants in the recovery process, and works to ensure the participation of marginalized groups, such as indigenous peoples and people living with disabilities.

In an effort to further enhance resilience, UNDP draws upon its technical expertise on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable energy to ensure that recovery addresses climate and disaster risks, while also strengthening energy access, efficiency and sustainability.

Through its support to governments, UNDP has helped recovery emerge as a distinct area of public policy, and together with the World Bank and the European Union, has developed a guide to developing Disaster Recovery Frameworks as an easy yet critical reference for affected governments.

In addition to providing support to governments, UNDP develops its own recovery programmes and mobilizes resources for their implementation. During 2005 to 2015, UNDP spent approximately US$ 1 billion on disaster recovery support.

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