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Disaster & climate risk governance

The social, economic, and political decisions that determine exposure and vulnerability to natural hazards play a key role in the configuration of disaster and climate risks, providing entry points for UNDP’s work on Disaster & Climate Risk Governance. In support of national and local governments, UNDP provides technical support to strengthen policy, legal and institutional development that fosters greater accountability and integrated solutions for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation. Particular emphasis is placed on the principles of good governance, i.e. transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, participation, responsiveness, equity, and inclusion.

Specific areas of support include: capacity development for coherent DRR and adaptation policies; incentives for DRR and adaptation through legal and regulatory frameworks; embedding risk in national and sectoral planning and programmes; increasing public and private investments for DRR and adaptation; and ensuring DRR and adaptation solutions are gender-responsive.

UNDP’s support to Disaster & Climate Risk Governance is directly aligned with Priority 2 of the Sendai Framework on DRR on ‘Strengthening Risk Governance to Manage Disaster Risk’. From 2005 to 2015, UNDP worked to strengthen risk governance in 125 countries by advancing legal frameworks, supporting policy and strategy development, and mainstreaming DRR in development planning.

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