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Actionable risk information

Making risk information accessible in a simple manner is essential for risk-informing development policies and plans, and for enabling the application of the same by public and private stakeholders. UNDP’s work on Actionable Risk Information facilitates this objective and provides an evidence-base for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Specific areas of UNDP support include capacity development for communities and national and subnational stakeholders so that they are able to conduct comprehensive disaster risk assessments. This allows them to identify the prevalent natural hazards, exposure of people, assets and livelihoods to these hazards, and related vulnerabilities. All assessments supported by UNDP strive to be climate sensitive, as well as sex and age disaggregated. UNDP also supports governments to institutionalize risk information systems and have access to standardized tools, methodologies and approaches that help gather, assess and communicate risk-information. This includes support for damage and loss accounting systems that inform the risk assessment process and meet the monitoring needs of national and international policy commitments.

UNDP’s support to Actionable Risk Information is directly aligned with Priority 1 of the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction: ‘Understanding Disaster Risk’. Since 2005, UNDP has helped 30 countries establish disaster loss databases, while 60 countries have developed risk profiles through risk modeling and mapping.

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