Gender Equality Seal for Public and Private Organizations

To close persistent gender gaps in the workplace, UNDP is supporting public and private organizations to implement a Gender Equality Seal Programme. Through the Seal Programme, UNDP provides government partners with tools, guidance and specific assessment criteria to ensure successful implementation and certification.  For participating organizations, Gender Equality Seal certification supports a more efficient and equitable workplace and contributes to the advancement of gender equality and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The key areas for the Gender Equality Seal certification include:

·     Eliminating gender-based pay gaps

·     Increasing women’s roles in decision-making

·     Enhancing work-life balance

·     Enhancing women’s access to non-traditional jobs

·     Eradicating sexual harassment at work

·     Using inclusive, non-sexist communication

Piloted in Latin America, the Gender Equality Seal is now expanding globally. In response to the growing demand, UNDP is preparing to work with partners in every region to adapt and implement the Gender Equality Seal for Public and Private Enterprises. Currently, more than 400 companies across ten countries have been certified since 2009.

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