Parliamentary development

Parliaments are central to advance strong systems of democratic governance. They have crucial constitutional mandates in relation to lawmaking, oversight and representation. Parliaments provide an important forum for diverse groups to engage in national dialogue and policy making enabling citizens to express views, voice concerns and demand accountability.

UNDP supports more than 60 parliaments around the world in their efforts to:

  • Promote and monitor implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Strengthen parliamentary management, and relationships with the executive and judiciary branches of government and with civil society;
  • Build the capacity of parliamentarians and technical staff on core parliamentary functions of representation, lawmaking and oversight;
  • Build the capacity of parliamentarians and technical staff on specific issues (e.g. renewable energy, climate action, and human rights;
  • Enhance equal participation and effective decision-making of women members of parliament.

In seeking solutions tailored to each country, UNDP works closely with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, as well as other UN agencies, think-tanks and technical assistance providers such as UN Women, the European Parliament, the World Bank and Parliamentarians for Global Action.

UNDP manages AGORA, the Global Portal for Parliamentary Development, which is the leading knowledge hub for the parliamentary development community, connecting the many actors and organizations active in the field of parliamentary development. Agora e-Learning Portal develops on demand e-learning courses on specific technical topics related to parliaments.

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