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Finance and private sector engagement for the SDGs

To achieve the SDGs as outlined in Agenda 2030 will require actors across public and private sectors to work together at scale. The challenge of financing the SDGs is not just about mobilizing more money - it is more systemic and much deeper than closing any financial gap. The challenge is fundamentally related to effective governance and demands the re-orientation of how public and private actors interact with each other in a system that achieves results in the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.        

The goal of UNDP is to put SDGs at the heart of financial systems with an emphasis on achieving this at the country-level. UNDP will deliver on its ambition of putting SDGs at the heart of financial systems by providing services across 7 strategic areas of engagement and taking an approach to strengthening effective governance across our engagements.

1.       SDG Financing Strategies and Integrated National Financing Frameworks

2.       Budgeting for the SDGs: Integrating SDGs into domestic public finance through budget reform

3.       Promoting SDG aligned fiscal instruments

4.       Unlocking private finance for the SDGs

5.       Leveraging international public finance

6.       Align business strategies and operations for the SDGs

7.       Impact measurement and reporting for financing the SDGs

In line with UNDP’s Private Sector Strategy, UNDP assists countries to align private sector activities and investments with the 2030 Agenda by: influencing investors and businesses of all sizes; embedding the SDGs into their decision making and practices; and supporting governments to establish enabling policy and regulatory environments while facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships.



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