UN Mongolia Launches Urban Art on SDGs



Young Mongolian graffiti artists painted creative arts on UN House boundary wall to raise awareness among public about the Global Goals. The artists have painted the urban art on the wall to characterize their interpretation of SDGs in Mongolia’s context.

The arts innovatively depict a prosperous Mongolia in a variety of graffiti genres. There are happy men and women in deel representing no poverty and Mongolian cuisine signifying no hunger. A water drop is painted with trees, plants and animals emerging from it to show that water is the source of all life while a boy child engrossed in studies has a graduate cap on his head to symbolize ambition and quality education. Gender equality is depicted by a beautiful Mongolian couple who is holding the globe in joined hands with rays of light signifying hope and prosperity.

Green leaves coming out of a socket emphasize the need of clean and renewable energy while a Gobi bear reminds of the endangered species and the threats of the climate change. A screen of smog is removed from the silhouette of Ulaanbaatar’s skyline with happy children playing in the forefront to emphasize the need to transform our cities into cleaner and more livable places. Peace is represented by a white dove while the strength of partnerships is represented by a pair of magpies which according to Mongolian folklore is capable of hunting even a reindeer in partnership.

To mark the Mongolian Youth Day, United Nations held a ceremony at the wall to appreciate the contribution of the young artists.

This art initiative is part of United Nation’s awareness campaign on Sustainable Development Goals to make them famous and create ownership among Mongolian public for the global agenda, which Mongolia has also adopted in its Sustainable Development Vision.