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Cohort II: Local ownership and capacities

The second cohort was jointly organized by UNDP and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) in partnership with the Joint UNDP-DPA Programme.

 This cohort was designed to allow the Fellows to reflect on the issue of promoting local ownership and the building of resilient local and national capabilities for conflict prevention and sustaining peace, drawing on their concrete experiences from various regions in the world.

The Fellows worked on extensively engaging with research and policy institutions based in Oslo and sharing experiences in how they have effectively promoted local ownership and built capacities for conflict prevention and the kind of engagement they have had with local communities and national stakeholders. This cohort ultimately assessed what works and where are the gaps in this area.

 Read about what the Fellows were focussing on between 19-30 June, 2017 in Oslo:

Concept Note: Cohort II - Promoting Local Ownership and building capacities for Conflict Prevention 

Read about who participated in the 2nd cohort of the PDA Fellowship:

Details of Participating Fellows: 2nd cohort

Issue Briefs from PDA Fellowship Cohort II:

Local Ownership in Conflict Sensitivity Application: The Case of Nepal by Archana Aryal

Track-Two Initiatives of Nationally-Led Peace Processes: The Case of the Philippines by Chetan Kumar

Preventing Violent Conflicts in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities for Enhanced National Ownership by Takwa Zebulon Suifon

Reflections on Measuring National Ownership in Conflict Prevention Interventions by Waly Ndiaye

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