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Evaluating Progress Towards SDG 16: Effective Governance and Sustaining Peace

This is the consolidated proceedings from the National Evaluation Capacities Conference 2017  

Validating and prioritising available indicator(s) for SDG 16.7.2: “Proportion of population who believe that decision-making is inclusive and responsive”

This document explores existing survey questions on such issues that might serve as a basket of indicators, or as indicator-pairs, specifically for 16.7.2 as distinct from the other Goal 16 targets.  

SDG 16.6.2 Factors Related to Perceptions on Health and Education Services in Europe and Africa

The following research was undertaken to inform the metadata development for global indicator “SDG 16.6.2: Proportion of population satisfied with their last experience of public services” which…  

A review and testing of available indicators for SDG 16.7.2: “Proportion of population who believe that decision-making is inclusive and responsive”

This study on 16.7.2 is about one of the two indicators under target 16.7 – “Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels”.  

A Review of National Statistics Offices’ Practices and Methodological Considerations in Measuring Citizen Satisfaction with Public Services

This study has been conducted by UNDP to inform recommendations for how all statistical offices globally should produce statistics for the SDG 16.6.2 indicator “Proportion of the population satisfied…  

PVE Indicator Bank

Prevention of Violent Extremism Indicator Bank  

The World Values Survey and UNDP strenghten collaboration on SDG 16 indicators research

UNDP has joined forces with the World Values Survey, facilitator of the world’s most comprehensive investigation of political & sociocultural change, to share expertise on how to measure progress on…  

Preventing violent extremism

The Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) initiates research on the drivers of violent extremism – political, social and economic.  

UN Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

United Nations annual Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017.  

The Indicators We Want

This report is the outcome of expert discussions on the design of sound indicators for measuring SDG 16.  

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