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Between glass ceilings and glass walls

Information Integrity Newsletter June

Information Integrity Newsletter May

Resilient Social Contracts_French

Ce rapport de synthèse des conclusions présente le contexte du projet, le cadrage de la recherche et les conclusions tirées de neuf des onze études de cas2. Nos conclusions éclairées par les…  

UNDP’s Engagement with the Media for Governance, Sustainable Development and Peace

In this report, UNDP explores a relatively new focus area, namely how working with the media can accelerate progress towards the SDGs. UNDP’s Engagement with the Media for Governance, Sustainable…  

Implementing Peace Agreements: From inclusive processes to inclusive outcomes

Fresh insight on putting peace agreements into practice is available in this report from UNDP and the Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative, Graduate Institute in Geneva. Implementing Peace…  

UNDP support to reporting on the global SDG 16 indicators under targets 16.3, 16.6 and 16.7

This page provides a detailed account of the custodianship role for targets 16.6 and 16.7. It furthermore highlights ongoing initiatives for strengthening reporting on the custodian indicators.  

Monitoring SDG 16 and Governance

This page provides an overview of the national monitoring frameworks of SDG 16 and broader governance dimensions.  

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