AGORA, the Global Portal for Parliamentary Development

Parliaments are pillars of democratic governance, playing a critical role in spurring and supporting national action towards sustainable human development. They are uniquely positioned to design, implement and follow up on development initiatives and will play a critical role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through enacting legislation that enables lasting positive change, parliaments are key actors in international development cooperation.


Since its launch at the French National Assembly in 2010, AGORA has become a leading portal for the parliamentary development community.  It connects Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff and civil society organizations with international organizations, parliamentary development experts and professionals to assure cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and best practices.


The European Commission is an official partner of the AGORA network, based at UNDP Brussels. AGORA maintains an ongoing partnership with the European Parliament and the Office for the Promotion of Parliamentary Development (OPPD) through contributions to study tours, internships, provision of technical expertise and organization of joint parliamentary development round tables.


UNDP and EU also work together on a global programme to strengthen the capacity of parliaments in Africa, the Arab States and in South Asia to draft policy frameworks in support of renewable energy and climate change mitigation.




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