Yu Feng

Why do you like working for UNDP?

Working at UNDP gives me the opportunity to work with a diverse and professional group of people and contribute my skills and experience in challenging international environments towards the organization mission to help solve global problems and improve the lives of people in communities all around the world.


What’s the most memorable occasion when you saw the positive impact your work had on the people in the country where you’re based?

I had been working on an IT application for the past 4 months. The application replaces routing from paper-based to electronic-based so that it can heavily help to save time and resources. The most memorable occasion was when I saw changes and improvements in work efficiency in country offices those using that application.


What are some of the challenges of working in a large international civil service organization like UNDP and how do you manage them?

I love challenges. Working at UNDP, I had different supervisors who provided me great opportunities and challenged me to offer innovative ideas. This allowed me to contribute my knowledge, skills and talents back to the organization.


What do you like to do when you are not at work?

Living in New York City was a great experience to me. I had the chance to be exposed to dynamic events and activities. On weekends, I loved to go to museums, galleries and concerts with friends, try different kinds of food, and run in Central Park.