Bertha Charowedza

Why do you like working for UNDP?

I enjoy being a part of UNDP because of the work that our organization does which impacts lives around the world.  Because I am a humanitarian at heart and have a passion for helping others, it gives me great pleasure to be part of such an organization.  My contribution may be small, but it is the result of the collective efforts at the end of the day that fulfils me. I am left satisfied, knowing that my efforts, together with those of my colleagues, have contributed to the bigger picture.


What’s the most memorable occasion when you saw the positive impact your work had on the people in the country where you’re based?

As a member of the human resources team, I played a key role in managing the recruitment and selection of personnel for the Constitution Making Project in Zimbabwe.  As a result of my contributions in the reviewing the terms of reference, classification of the posts, and supporting the interview processes, while ensuring due diligence was followed, we were able to identify a competent team of International and Local personnel who successfully managed a basket fund to implement the project. The new constitution was adopted through a referendum in 2013 with an incredible 94.5% voter approval. I therefore regard this a memorable occasion as I contributed towards Constitution making which remains a key milestone in the lives of Zimbabweans.


What are some of the challenges of working in a large international civil service organization like UNDP and how do you manage them?

I think one of the major challenges in working in such an organization is dealing with change.  Due to the funding constraints that most organisations are facing, we constantly need to be prepared for ongoing and upcoming change which creates some level of uncertainty.  In a changing environment, one needs to maintain a competitive edge.  I manage the challenge of being in a changing environment by taking responsibility for my own personal development, by acquainting myself with organizational policies and procedures and consulting where necessary, taking courses on the LMS and investing in external learning activities to broaden my knowledge and skills.  Additionally, I go the extra mile and assist others with their work where needed, which further broadens my experience.


What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I have two daughters aged 13 and 9 and love to spend quality time with them.  In my spare time I love to exercise – Zumba and running.  I get involved in a lot of charity work, particularly supporting children’s homes and the more vulnerable citizens within my community.