Provision of Services: Final Evaluation of a UN Joint Programme

Posted January 8, 2021

Request for Provision of Services: Final Evaluation of a United Nations (UN) Joint Programme (BIH/RFP-001-21)

The United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina invites companies or organizations that are interested in, and registered for, the provision of mentioned services to obtain request for proposal documents at  and to submit their proposals.

All bids must be submitted no later than 12:00 on Friday, 29 January, 2021, by e-mail at the address


Notice on Amendment of BiH/RFP-001-2021 Provision of Services: Final Evaluation of a United Nations (UN) Joint Programme

15 January 2021

Please note that RfP documentation has been amended related to the following:

-      Maximum expected duration of contract: until 15 June 2021

-      Expected duration of assignment is up to 140 days

-      Anticipated due dates for deliverables have been amended as follows:

Task 2: March 2021

Task 3: April 2021

Task 4: first half of May 2021

Task 5: second half of May 2021

Task 6: first half of June 2021

UNDP BiH uses this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that this amendment might have caused.


Questions and Answers

updated 18 January and 25 January


Question 1: What constitutes the team leader (international expert) regarding the nationality. Does the term "international" refer more to experience than to nationality? 

Answer 1: The term "international evaluator/team leader" refers primarily to nationality, meaning not from countries national evaluators come from (based in program countries).  

The required experience for the international and national experts is indicated in the ToR. 


Question 2: If a company intends to prepare a proposal does it mean they have to inform the procurement office, even if they did not receive an official invitation letter? 

Answer 2: If a company was not directly invited for this RFP and intends to submit a proposal, they can acknowledge receipt of the RFP and their intention to participate by sending an email to 


Question 3: Does Technical proposal have to be encrypted with password, since in Section 2 is indicated that only Financial proposal must be encrypted, while in Section 3 BDS 16 is indicated that password for Technical proposal must not be provided until 25 January? 

Answer 3: Password is required only for financial proposal and must not be provided to UNDP until requested by UNDP. 


Question 4: Do all Consortium members have to submit documents indicated in Form B? 

Answer 4: In case of JV/Consortium/Association, Form C: Joint Venture/Consortium/Association Information Form and Form D: Qualification Form are to be completed by each partner. Form B should be completed by JV/ Consortium Lead party.

Question 5: Can the deadline for submitting proposals be extended?

Answer 5: The RFP is amended and extended until 29-01-2021, 12:00 hours and can be found following these links:

Question 6: What is the time scope of the evaluation?

Answer 6: The time scope of evaluation refers to the duration of this joint UN program, i.e. from January 2019 through 31 April 2021.

Question 7: Is there is any specific Technical and Financial Proposal Format?

Answer 7: In the RFP Section 2. Instruction to Bidders- PREPARATION OF PROPOSALS, interested bidders can find detailed instructions on how to prepare their proposal.