FairBiz commitment with governments to support transparency and open public procurement takes significant step

Posted July 15, 2021

In Thailand and Indonesia, our partner, CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Project, is increasingly working with national and regional authorities to publish data on infrastructure projects. As of June 2021, data from more than 1.200 infrastructure projects were disclosed by Thai authorities following the CoST methodology. 

A major boost on data disclosure is likely to be augmented through recently launched new CoST interactive websites. By making new technologies accessible, CoST is enabling companies (especially SMEs) to compete fairly and transparently in public tenders.

CoST Thailand platform is the place to find easily live information about infrastructure projects in Thailand. From roads to schools, from the bidding process to completion.

Thai citizens can now go through more than 1,100 current public infrastructure projects tomonitor and provide feedback to the government departments responsible for implementing them.

Visit CoST Thailand website: Build Better Lives (costthailand.org)

CoST West Lombok has officially launched its programme and published a brand-new data disclosure platform.

The website will undoubtedly have an enormous positive impact on transparency and accountability regarding infrastructure projects. The website is key source of information about infrastructure projects in Indonesia. 

Visit CoST West Lombok website: CoST Lombok Barat (fllajlombokbaratkab.or.id)

CoST initiative is supported by the UK Government, ASEAN Economic Reform Programme through the UNDP Project “FairBiz - Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN”. 

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