The Future of Leadership is Gender Equal

Posted August 28, 2019

Bangkok, 29 August 2019

As part of the regional Promoting a fair business environment in ASEAN project (2018-2021), which aims to nurture a culture of integrity in both public and private sectors for sustainable development, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub is organizing a regional dialogue titled, The future of leadership is gender equal in Bangkok, Thailand on 29-30 August 2019.

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right; rather, it is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Sustainable development cannot be achieved until women have equal access to decent work opportunities and are able to reach senior management and leadership positions.


UNDP is committed to promoting gender equality, as part of its efforts to promote business integrity and responsible business practices in private and state-owned enterprises.  UNDP works with diverse stakeholders – from regulators to investors, as well as academia and advocacy groups that are part of making the change towards greater gender diversity in the boardroom and in senior leadership of companies.

To this end, UNDP is hosting its first private sector-focused dialogue on this critical issue, to deliberate on existing challenges, potential solutions and share good practices, as well as to identify tools which UNDP can offer to support the gender diversity agenda going forward.

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