Youth Leadership Programme “Innovating for Sustainable Impact” YLP4

December 14, 2018

Date: 13- 18 December
Location: Tunisia

Building on the lessons learned and momentum generated during YLP1, 2, and 3; YLP4 in 2018 will continue its aim of unlocking the potential of youth in the region and fostering their active role in achieving the SDGs. The programme will strengthen their competencies and skills in the areas of leadership, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, digital technologies, and the SDGs, and provide a regional platform for gaining experience and sharing knowledge.

UNDP aims to expand the reach and impact of YLP4 by targeting at least 14 countries across the Arab Region, and partnering with national organizations that work towards youth empowerment and Sustainable Development Goals’ achievement. By tapping into these partners’ existing networks and strengths, YLP4 aims for a wider and longer-lasting impact across the region. Working through this network of national organizations, YLP4 seeks to engage at least 5,000 youth in national activities across the region. the programme will also reach young women and men in the Arab region not directly participating in YLP4 by utilizing an array of social media platforms to share knowledge products and youth’s success stories, and to livestream some of the regional event sessions to maximize dissemination.

In addition, YLP4 will lay the ground for policy dialogues on youth-led innovation for the SDGs, bringing together policy makers, private sector organizations, youth organizations, and youth participating in YLP.

The main objectives of the regional workshop are:

* Familiarize participants with the vision, objectives and methodology of YLP4;

* Expand organizational knowledge of areas related to leadership, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, Gender equality, alliance building, digital technologies, and the 2030 agenda;

* Establish a regional network of youth-serving organizations and define broad parameters for its work;

* Agree on an action plan for each participating country, including a methodology to document and capture youth efforts contributing to the 2030 Agenda.

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