“Leave No One Behind” – Phase 2

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“Leave No One Behind” – Phase 2

What is the Programme about?

“Leave No One Behind” Phase 2 is a United Nations Joint Programme that aims to bring about system change in the field of social protection and social inclusion in Albania via the provision of quality integrated social services, social protection, social care, health, education, employment, vocational training, and housing), with a particular emphasis on social services reaching vulnerable persons and disadvantaged groups, which progressively ensures the realization of their basic human rights, legal entitlements, well-being, dignity and livelihoods for all persons and thus social inclusion.

The LNB – phase 2 will build on the achievements of the first phase, and it will be guided by the medium and long-term priorities of the Albanian government and local partners.

The programme is jointly implemented by four UN partner agencies UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN WOMEN under UNDP management and in synergy with other Swiss Development Cooperation past and current interventions in Albania. SDC also funds the programme at the amount of 8 million CHF. It contributes to achievement of the “Government of Albania United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026: Outcome A - “By 2026 there is increased and more equitable investment in people, removing barriers and creating opportunities for those at risk of exclusion”.

Geographic coverage: 61 LGUS with targeted interventions in 32 selected LGUs

What we do

LNB2 project’s interventions will continue to target three levels: the macro level (national system, policy, legal, regulatory, and financial framework), the meso level (municipalities and service-providers), and the micro level (vulnerable groups/ persons, CSOs advocating/ assisting the target groups). Like the first phase, the main government partners will be MHSP, MEYS, MFE, INSTAT, SSS. The programme will continue to target persons with disabilities, Roma & Egyptians, and other vulnerable groups (notably, women, children and youth, and the elderly).

LNB 2 Programme has one main goal: Improve access of vulnerable persons and groups to public services that support their social rights, social inclusion, and well-being, and empower them to have a voice in public policy decision-making affecting their lives, and to hold decision-makers accountable for policy implementation. The Programme will  deliver on three interlinked outcomes:

·         Empowered beneficiaries to access and to contribute to their social inclusion

·         Enabled municipalities and service providers to provide social services

·         Strengthened national institutions in the further development and implementation of social protection and inclusion policies

LNB2 programme will focus on:

1.       Supporting the government to strengthen the function and delivery operations (effectiveness/ efficiency) of the recently established set of state financing mechanisms for social inclusion and social care services.

2.       support consolidation of the structures and processes for monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance of social service provision.

3.       support the development of social care models, particularly to strengthen the take-up of service integration and the operation of a multi-service approach to social service delivery.

The Main programme interventions include

  • Strengthening of networking and sharing of good practice:  LGUs, service-providers, CSO advocacy groups/ platforms.
  • Further development of multi-disciplinary social services, as appropriate, to cater to the needs of diverse groups of persons.
  • Potential synergies, cooperation, sharing of services, infrastructure, peer to peer support and other areas of collaborative work between LGUs to be assessed for future actions.
  • Assessment of state financing mechanisms/ methodologies, after their initial operations.
  • Actions to promote the full hand-over of results – second phase ‘exit-strategy’ for results maintenance in line with the end-of first phase sustainability strategy/plans.



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December 2025






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