A New Future for Bandiagara

December 8, 2023

In Mali’s Bandiagara region, the UNDP Liptako-Gourma Stabilization Facility, launched in 2021, is making significant progress in strengthening basic social services, supporting livelihoods and improving social cohesion. The Facility’s aims include ensuring a return to normalcy for conflict-affected communities and laying the foundations for lasting peace.

The Facility in Liptako-Gourma is progressing through targeted interventions, laying the foundations for a more secure future for communities, particularly by addressing the specific needs of women and young people.

Meet Hervé in Bandiagara, who is actively contributing to rebuilding his community. Explore how the Liptako-Gourma Stabilization Facility is impacting his life and his community.

A multi-faceted strategy was implemented to revitalize the local economy and increase social cohesion. This included training 102 people in business management, actively engaging communities in a cash-for-work programme that benefitted over 1,300 people, and distributing essential agricultural equipment to over 1,500 people (48 percent young people and 84 percent women). To reinforce the strategy’s impacts, the Facility generated new economic opportunities by setting up five multifunctional platforms equipped with solar systems in different municipalities.

Key achievements of stabilization efforts in Bandiagara include the installation of solar streetlights, improved public safety, and the construction of 7 km of roads to facilitate access to social services. Impactful awareness-raising campaigns on crucial aspects of social cohesion have reached hundreds of young people.

Implemented by UNDP and co-financed by the European Union, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands, the Regional Stabilization Facility for Liptako-Gourma is a testament to the potential for collaborative efforts to bring about positive change.