Developing Positive Perceptions and Partnership

Developing Positive Perceptions and Partnership

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Developing Positive Perceptions and Partnership

November 6, 2020

Gender talk and women’s empowerment is uncomfortable for both men and women. It has been observed by field and technical staff that many women do not want their men to be discriminated against and to forego opportunities that are instead given to them. Trainings, public awareness campaigns and work opportunities target both genders equally. Even so LITACA has a genuine focus on women by carefully selecting value chains and products that have traditionally occupied women.

LITACA II is a three-year project, following the implementation of LITACA I. It focuses in six Afghan provinces bordering with Tajikistan: Badakhshan, Kunduz, Takhar, and Balkh. LITACA II is part of the Livelihoods portfolio at UNDP AFG and is being implemented by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD).

Among its other objectives, LITACA II targets women as a marginalized group in need of trainings and work opportunities and has adopted a holistic approach to achieving these objectives. It invests in new and old infrastructure like health, education, transportation, irrigation, and agricultural facilities.

The aim of this research and communication project is to provide a platform for female beneficiaries to express and communicate their experience of empowerment. It further tries to explore and develop an understanding of women’s agency and create a space for the LITACA staff and donors to reflect on their perceptions.

Developing Positive Perceptions and Partnerships (DEVP) is a project designed to support the Livelihoods Unit of UNDP in communicating the Livelihoods Improvement in Tajik- Afghan Cross- border Areas (LITACA) project to relevant partners.