Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, Singapore

Women with Foresight
Women gathering under the shade of a Baobab tree in Malawi. (Photo: Lindsay Mgbor/DFID)

We consolidate the best thinking on public service policies, strategies and institutional innovation from around the globe and share it with senior policy makers worldwide.

We do this because strong public services are often societies’ most powerful development resource. A strong public service can build institutions that play a huge role in enabling people to fulfil their potential within an environment where their ideas, actions and society as a whole can flourish. more >

What we do

  • Evidence hub

    With our partners, we explore trends and innovation in public service and bring to light new knowledge relevant to countries at the development frontline. more

  • Convening hub

    The Centre is also a convening hub where officials, leaders, policy-makers and experts can exchange their ideas, knowledge and experience. more

In Focus
From Old Public Administration to the New Public Service

This paper argues that public sector reform efforts in developing countries should embrace these changes selectively and draw on a range of public management models that are appropriate to different contexts while putting the needs and interests of citizens at the heart of reform.

Collaborative Capacity in Public Service Delivery: Towards a Framework for Practice

This discussion paper reflects primarily on the public service reform agenda in the UK, drawing lessons from a range of British examples to form the basis of a delivery framework that can be discussed, adapted and applied internationally.

Foresight as a Strategic Long-Term Planning Tool for Developing Countries

The purpose of this paper is to support decision and policymakers in developing countries to maximise the strengths and benefits of national foresight programmes, which will require embracing levels of risk and uncertainty outside the typical bureaucrat’s usual comfort zone.

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