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Building Community Resilience through Nurturing Harmony with Nature

Resting at the bank of the Save River, Mr. Wiseman Ngwazi Tagurana, a conservationist and community leader recalls the physical confrontations and other ugly incidents that were common-place in the area as rival groups competed over access to the resource-rich Zivembava island forest and the river. more


Organic Farming Breaks New Ground

When he ventured into fish farming nearly six years ago, Mr. Philemon Geza, a former carpenter did not envision that this decision would herald a major turning point in his life. “I was barely making ends meet in Mbare where I was working but now fish farming has given me a lifeline because it offer more

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Africa Human Development Report 2012: Towards a Food Secure Future

The 2012 Human Development Report for Africa explores why dehumanizing hunger remains pervasive in the region, despite abundant agricultural resources, a favorable growing climate, and rapid economic growth rates.

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