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  • 21 Dec 2011
    US$ 15 million to support the Early Presidential Elections in Yemen

    The project, which will last for two years a half, will adopt a two-phase approach: phase one will focus on the early presidential elections scheduled for 21 February, 2012; and phase two will focus on electoral reforms, the expected referendum on the new/revised constitution, and the post-referendum elections. The capacity of the SCER will be built during both phases at the institutional and individual levels. Support will be provided from a multi-partners basket fund to ensure both coordination and cost-effectiveness.

  • 06 Dec 2011
    UNDP provides Emergency Assistance for Abyan IDPs

  • 05 Dec 2011
    Volunteerism Matters

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNV), and many youth groups, celebrated today the International Volunteer Day in Al Boustan hotel, in Sana’a.

  • 23 Sep 2011
    The UN System in Yemen is not leaving

    The UN system is not leaving Sanaa or Yemen. We have analyzed our current numbers and presence and what programs we can continue to implement in light of the insecurity. We are adjusting our numbers, but recognise the importance of the UN presence in Yemen as well as humanitarian needs and will maintain flexible staffing levels as the security situation allows, to continue program delivery to the maximum extent possible. The UN System in Yemen is committed to its mandate and to continue serving the people of Yemen.

  • 15 Jun 2011
    United Nations system in Yemen deplores the use of violence against civilians

    The United Nations System in Yemen expresses deep concern about the escalation of violence in the South of Yemen and particularly in Abyan where armed confrontations have caused intolerable suffering among the civilian population. As a result of the armed clashes, thousands of people including women and children have been forcefully displaced to Aden, Lahj and rural communities in Abyan.

  • 30 Apr 2011
    UNDP defers programmes for Yemen, Bahrain and Syria

    In light of developments in the region, UNDP is deferring its upcoming five-year programmes for Yemen, Bahrain and Syria pending further review. The decision was taken by UNDP to ensure that new programmes address the evolving development needs of the people in each country.

  • 21 Apr 2011
    UNDP Administrator visits the Mine Detection Dogs Center in Amran Governorate

    UNDP Administrator was shown dogs’ skills in detecting mines under difficult circumstances and in difficult terrains. In addition, the project presented to the UNDP Administrator the impressive achieved results in demining vast areas of the country and the plans for the future.

  • 25 Jan 2011
    UN Development Chief calls for increase support to Yemen

    Sana’a — Wrapping up her visit to Yemen today, the Chair of the United Nations Development Group and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark welcomed the increased international interest being shown in supporting Yemen to tackle the challenges it faces, and expressed her hope that it will be translated into increased support for Yemen’s development

  • 21 Jan 2011
    Helen Clark visits Socotra; Applauds Rosh community for Biodiversity

  • 10 Oct 2010
    Biodiversity, development and poverty reduction

  • 22 Mar 2010
    Celebrating World Water Day

    The blessed land “Yemen” is crying for waters, with no tears! With no lakes, streams nor fountains, water in Yemen is either salty from the sea or wasted from the sky.

  • 18 Feb 2010
    UNDP chief calls on international community to support Yemen appeal

    Helen Clark, Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), has welcomed the cease-fire in the conflict between the Government of Yemen and the Houthi rebels. Miss Clark added that UNDP will work with all parties in support of recovery and development of the region affected by the conflict.