Our Projects

Our projects focus on helping the Government of Yemen to implement its Transitional Plan and GCC Implementation Mechanism in order to overcome the emerging challenges. UNDP supports the initiatives in the following areas:

Poverty Reduction

  • Youth Economic Empowerment

    The project aims to socially and economically empower disadvantaged youth and women in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, confidence building and empowering skills necessary to improve their access to productive resources and sustainable earning potential.

  • Diagnostic Trade Integration Study

    The objective of the DTIS update is to provide a renewed perspective of trade priorities in Yemen taking into account the changes in the national and international environment intervening since the DTIS 2002.

Democratic Governance

  • Support to Human Rights during the Transition Period in Yemen

    The project provide support to Human Rights and the establishment of independent Human Rights Institution as a key outcome during this period, and to build both the institutional capacity and the human capital for such an endeavor to be central to Yemen's transitional milestones.

  • Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen

    The project will support and actively encourage compliance with international norms and standards; take account of the political context when designing and implementing transitional justice processes and mechanisms; align assistance on transitional justice to the Yemeni context; and strengthen national capacities to carry out community-wide transitional justice processes.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery


Environment and Energy