Poverty Reduction


National Agriculture Sector Strategy 2012-2016

This strategy is prepared in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme , Economic Diversification Support Programme (Agriculture Sector). It includes a comprehensive analysis of the current situation reflecting the challenges and problems of small and commercial farmers in differentmore


National Fisheries Strategy (2012-2025)

The overall “GOAL” of this Strategy is “to enhance the fisheries sector contribution to the national economic growth whilst ensuring the environmental and resource sustainability, improving community livelihoods, strengthening the food security needs, and job-creating economic empowermentmore


Participatory market and training needs assessment

This is the report on the Participatory Market and Training Needs Assessment of the Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE) project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) of Yemen. The Objectives of this report are: identify feasible and profitable market opportunities for creating economicmore


We are focusing on responding to the development challenges of the transitional period and creating sustainable livelihood, economic empowerment and job creation for youth and women.

Partnerships are being fostered to address the most urgent population needs through initiatives for community revitalization that aim to urgently restore livelihoods and kick start productivity of affected communities through distribution of productive inputs, reintegration and other goods and services aiming at the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

By strengthening youth and women resilience and improving their adaptive capacities through pre-emptive measures, we are making contribution to prevent future escalation of grievances and tensions among youth and women and thus to enhance peace building, political, economic and social stability.