Democratic Governance


Economic Vision of Yemen 2030

This paper represents a concept paper for the proposed Economic Vision of Yemen 2030.The core team for drafting this vision was established under the leadership of Dr. Saadaddin Bin Taleb pursuant to the Cabinet Decree No. 26/2012. For the preparation of this vision, a team of specialized academicsmore


Primary proposal for related youth policies

This study aim to evaluate the current situation for laws, policies, and programs related to youth, and identify the gap in addition to identify priorities for the required legislative and legal reforms. It will also propose the necessary treatments and identify the related stakeholders. more


Human Rights Public Awareness Survey in Yemen

The main achievement of the survey is that it has produced, for the first time in Yemen, a reliable set of findings about the state of human rights awareness among the public in Yemen. The survey questionnaire was developed through a participatory and inclusive process. Human rights NGOs, CSOs,more


National Partnership Policy

This strategic framework for foreign aid is a policy document of the Republic of Yemen which reaffirms the role and responsibilities of the Government of Yemen (by its Central Coordinating Agency, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation) and foreign agencies for external resourcesmore


Partnership to Improve the Flow and Absorption of External Assistance to Yemen

This analytical study on the flow and absorption capacities for external assistance is intended to inform the Consultative Group (CG) meeting or/and International Donor Meeting of donors to Yemen, scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in September 2012. It has been elaborated against themore


In response to Yemen’s challenges and the Transitional Period, we undertook a massive realignment of our resources and capacities to target and align our programme priorities to the Transition Period.

This new focus was motivated by the Gulf Cooperation Council Implementation Mechanism, as well as a “UNDP Transitional Plan for Yemen,” encouraged on by management.