Democratic Governance


DAD Yemen Fact Sheet

The Government of Yemen is fully engaged towards rendering aid more efficient, applying the Paris Declaration principals, the Accra agenda and the Busan partnership. In this context, in order to increase the transparency of external aid management and strengthen the capacities of the Governmentmore


Options for future form of Government and Decentralization in Yemen Policy Options in times of Change

The implementation of the political transition in Yemen, initiated by the signing of the Gulf Cooperation Council Implementation Mechanism on 23 November 2011, established a complex set of milestones for the new Government and its partners. Reshaping the governance structure of Yemen appears as onemore


ECDF Brochure

In November 2012, ten months of confrontation between Government and opposition forces came to an end with the signing of the Gulf Co-operation Council Implementation Mechanism Agreement that established a two-year political and security transition agenda and outlined an ambitious political andmore


Elections Evaluation Report

The organization of the 2012 early presidential elections in Yemen constituted the first most critical milestone of the transition agreement signed on 23 November 2011 and known as “GCC Implementation Mechanism”. The preparation of this political event in such short period of time required not onlymore


Booklet on the Vision of Civil Society Organizations on the National Dialogue Conference

Support to the Implementation of Transitional Justice in Yemen project helped two CSO networks prepare a document capturing the vision of CSOs about the National Dialogue Conference. The document was prepared through three workshops attended by 110 CSO representatives who came from 21more


In response to Yemen’s challenges and the Transitional Period, we undertook a massive realignment of our resources and capacities to target and align our programme priorities to the Transition Period.

This new focus was motivated by the Gulf Cooperation Council Implementation Mechanism, as well as a “UNDP Transitional Plan for Yemen,” encouraged on by management.