Crisis Prevention and Recovery


Conflict Prevention-Conflict Transformation and Conflict Sensitive Development

The aim of this Integrated Social Cohesion and Development (ISCD) brief concept paper is to explore the ISCD approach and methodology in working on the community level, moreover to explore the experiences in applying this approach in Ibb Governorate. The project concept is the prevention andmore


Humanitarian Response Plan 2012

Yemen is facing a complex emergency that includes widespread conflict-driven displacement and a slow-onset crisis in food security, malnutrition and outbreak of communicable diseases, particularly water-borne diseases. In the north, the vast majority of long-term internally displaced peoplemore


Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen 2013

Yemen is one of the world’s major humanitarian crises, with more than half of the population affected and a third targeted for humanitarian aid. Thirteen million people do not have access to safe water and sanitation, 10.5 million are food-insecure, 431,000 are displaced, and 90,000 children domore


Toolkit to improve mud building resistance to rain and floods

On 24 – 25 October 2008, floods and heavy rains caused one of the most serious natural disasters in Yemen in the last decades. The most affected areas are in the Governorates of Hadramout - both the valley (Wady Hadramout) and the coastal areas (Sahel Hadramout) and Al-Mahara. 73 people were killedmore


Training Manual about Conflict Resolution and Conflict Sensitive Development (CR/CSD)

This CP/CSD Training Manual presents training materials for trainers and members working in organizations affiliated to this project. It also provides an essential basis for training local communities in the governorates and districts selected for the project. The contents have been collected frommore

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We work to support of the GoY to ensure ‘recovery’ of post-conflict of populations and communities, in the north and south, to a level where they can mainstream into the national development program, post transition.


Elsewhere in Yemen the communities most vulnerable to entering into conflict will be supported to address the root drivers of conflict through Integrated Social Cohesion and Development programs.