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  • Drought threatens Viet Nam's rice bowl

    One of the worst dry periods in Vietnam's recent history has dried up riverbeds and aggravated saline water intrusion into coastal areas, threatening Vietnam's southern Mekong Delta, the country's rice bowl, said an U.N. expert here on Thursday.

  • Sexism rampant in Viet Nam: UN

    Viet Nam has made great strides in terms of economic performance, but at the same time, there are signs of rising economic inequality and disparity in the country.

  • Vietnam Feels the Heat of a 100-Year Drought

    Every year, even at the peak of Vietnam's dry season, when the Red River is at its lowest, Hanoi's skilled captains manage to negotiate their flat-bottomed boats through its shallow waters. But this year, with a drought gripping the entire country and water levels at record lows, the river is eerily quiet.

  • Viet Nam: Beyond Fish and Ships

    Fish and ships are at the core of what Viet Namese planners call their "maritime economy,” an idea set out in the government’s "Ocean Strategy to 2020” published earlier this year. Offshore oil and gas and beach-front tourism are additional ways that Viet Nam hopes to make the most of its 3,200 kilometers and marine resources.

  • Vietnam finds itself vulnerable if sea rises

    For centuries, as monsoon rains, typhoons and wars have swept over them and disappeared into the sunshine, the farmers and fishermen of the Mekong Delta have drawn life from the water and fertile fields where the great river ends its 2,700-mile journey to the sea.

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