UNDP in the News

  • Vietnam's rice bowl threatened by rising seas

    Climate change is turning rivers of Mekong Delta salty, spelling disaster for millions of poor farmers

  • Poverty: destiny pre-decided or inadequate policies?

    Saigon Economic Times talks with Nguyen Tien Phong - UNDP expert on poverty on the existing gap between the rich and the poor and its policy implications. According to Mr. Phong, inequalities in Viet Nam are growing fast, especially between the richest and the poorest groups.

  • Inclusive growth critical in work to reduce entrenced poverty

    Viet Nam News spoke with UN Development Programme (UNDP) country director Setsuko Yamazaki about poverty trends and policy implications for achieving equitable growth. Viet Nam has achieved remarkable progress in poverty reduction, reducing the rate from 56 per cent in 1995 to 10 per cent in 2010.

  • Economic giant, social minnow

    Vietnam’s economic development over the last decade has not been matched by social development, and its human development index is below average, a UN official says.

  • Viet Nam: Urban-rural divide could stunt progress

    Ho Chi Minh City has long been Vietnam’s commercial heartland and its key engine of growth, but large disparities remain between urban and rural development. But, unlike many other countries in the region, Vietnam has benefited from a second major pole of growth.

  • As Vietnam develops, things only getting worse for Mother Nature

    Experts say that if Vietnam – a densely populated country smaller than California with more than twice the number of people (the 13th largest population in the world) – forges ahead along its current energybased growth trajectory, what is left of the country’s precious natural environment could soon be history.

  • CG 2010: Promotion of strong actions

    The message from the donor community during the Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam in 2010, held between 7 and 8 December 2010, was that as it enters 2011, Vietnam needs to take immediate actions with the plans and commitments already established.

  • Public lighting campaign raises awareness

    The success of two projects in HCM City and Quy Nhon has prompted provinces and cities around the country to start installing energy-saving public lighting systems to save power and reduce carbon emissions. When the UNDP started the current project in HCM City in 2005, it assisted the city's Public Lighting Company to replace mercury vapour street lighting with energy efficient lights such as bi-power lamps, and raised the capacity of the public lighting control centre to monitor power saving.

  • REDD starting to take root

    Like most of K'hoi people living in Preteng village, about 80 kilometres west of Dalat city, K'Sau is a man of the forest. In the first 30 years of his life, he depends on the forests, largely to meet the need for fuel, water and food. K' Sau now knows that he will continue to make his family's living out of forestry sources but in a different way.

  • Fresh light is beamed onto a dark energy issue

    Amid Vietnam's critical power shortages and increasing greenhouse gas emission, a foreign-backed public lighting energy efficiency project has helped the government implement energy-saving light regulations. After broadcasting some songs via a loudspeaker, Nguyen Truong Son began his propaganda speech about power saving from his village's common hall.

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