Inson taraqqiyoti


Inson taraqqiyoti to'g'risida ma'ruza, 2006 yil

This Annual Report on Human Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan focuses on one of the key indicators that reflect the essence of human existence and development; health status. The report consists of four chapters which describe and analyse general human development trends in the Republic ofbatafsilroq


Inson taraqqiyoti to`g`risida ma`ruza, 2007-2008 yillar. O`zbekistonda ta`lim: talab va taklif mutanosibligi.

Ushbu Inson taraqqiyoti to`g`risidagi ma`ruzada ta`lim sohasiga oyid masalalarga batafsil to`xtalib o`tilgan bo`lib, O`zbekistonda rivojlanishni amalga oshirish borasidagi ishlarda qatnashaetgan milliy hamfa xalqaro hamkorlarni qo`llab-quvvatlash maqsadida keng ko`lamli axborot, statistikabatafsilroq


Profile of Success in Human Development: Stories Leading to Change

This publication is an attempt to present the human faces of the development processes being undertaken by UNDP in Uzbekistan. The people profiled here represent a diversity of genders, ages, professions and socio-economic statuses, but they are all united by their determination to create betterbatafsilroq


The idea and vision of Human Development is that the true wealth of a country is in its people. Human beings should be seen as the ends in themselves, rather than the means to achieving progress within the socio-economic development of a country. The Human Development concept is about broadening people’s choices and enhancing their capabilities and freedoms, enabling them to live long and healthy lives, have access to knowledge and a decent standard of living. Extensive work has been conducted by UNDP to promote Human Development in Uzbekistan.