Local Governance Support Programme, Phase-II

Project Goals


‘Local Governance Support Programme/Phase-II’ aims to promote more effective, accountable and inclusive governance in Uzbekistan, by enhancing local government performance, increasing citizen participation in local governance, and supporting accountability and transparency. Building on the success of ‘Local Governance Support Programme/Phase-I’, implemented from 2010 to 2013, LGSP-II will support the Government of Uzbekistan’s efforts to increase the capacity of regional and district level authorities, to manage the increased decentralisation and de-concentration of administrative and fiscal authority.

The programme will apply an integrated approach to sustainable local development. By doing so, the programme will contribute to the reform of policy, legislative and fiscal frameworks for decentralisation, stronger participatory planning, management and monitoring capacities for service delivery, and the testing and replication of options for equitable access to services and new models of citizen participation. The pilot regions for LGSP-II include the Djizak, Namangan and Tashkent.

LGSP-II will work to reform the system of public administration and strengthening the administrative capacity of local authorities and management, and to empower local governments for equitable development, local accountability, and for better quality and transparency of financial management on the planning and performance of local budgets. The programme will also work to increase democratic accountability, and the openness of local executive and representative authorities, while also encouraging active public participation in local decision-making.



Expected Results


Reform the public administration system, and strengthen the administrative capacities of local authorities and management.


  • The preparation and testing of roadmap and methodology/policy options for a vertical functional review of public services, for integration into multi-channel local service delivery mechanisms (by the end of 2014);
  • The enhancement of the quality of curriculum development at the Academy of Public Administration, through participatory design processes and the introduction of at least two new courses for both local government civil servants and master’s students (by the end of 2015);
  • The submission of proposed amendments to the Law ‘On Local Government’ to the Cabinet of Ministers (by the end of 2016).

The application of e-Government tools in processing documents, in local government decision-making systems, and in local services, for the benefit of citizens (by the end of 2017).


  • Empower local governments in terms of equitable development, local accountability, and better quality and transparency of financial management, in regards to the planning and performance of local budgets;
  • Prepare and submit new policy options for the new Budget Code to pilot through regional khokimyiats and the Cabinet of Ministers, regarding the empowerment of local governments to improve the quality of financial management, and to increase local revenue generations (by the end of 2015);
  • The development of a cross-practice Local Development Strategy for cities, through consultative processes, and its testing and use by local administration for planning purposes (by the end of 2016).


Increase democratic accountability and the openness of local executive and representative authorities, in addition to the active public participation in local decision-making.


  • The conducting of regular (twice annually) public consultations with local stakeholders, in accordance with annual plans of local governments (by the end of 2016);
  • The adoption and implementation of a plan of actions at pilot Kengashes level, including at a regional level and in the Djizak and Namangan cities, to perform oversight, representative and rulemaking functions (by the end of 2017).



Total Required Budget: USD: 3,000,000
UNDP: USD: 700,000
Unfunded Budget: USD: 2,300,000
Project Start Date:
January 2014
Estimated End Date:
December 2017
Geographic Coverage:
Djizak, Namangan and Tashkent
Focus Area:
Good Governance
1. Improve living standards and reduce malnutrition
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, UNDP, the regional khokimyiats of the Djizak, Namangan and Tashkent regions, the Oliy Majlis, the Academy of Public Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, SCCITT, the State Tax Committee, CCI, the Women’s Committee, IMCL, IFMR, ISR, NIMFOGO, NANNOUZ, Uzinfocom, UNICON, Uzbektourism, UN Women, NDI and others.
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