• Infographic - Recruitment Process of UNDP UzbekistanInfographic - Recruitment Process of UNDP UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    UNDP’s initiatives in Uzbekistan are constantly expanding, and consequently we always have new professional opportunities that need applicants.

  • Infographic - Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Differences in EducationInfographic - Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Differences in EducationJul 27, 2014
    While Uzbekistan has achieved gender balance in primary education, there is still a great discrepancy between the numbers of men and women studying for higher degrees. The ‘Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Difference in Education’ infographic produced by UNDP in Uzbekistan illustrates gender ratio trends in education, and how they are reflected in the national labour market.

  • Infographic - Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Employment GapsInfographic - Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Employment GapsJul 27, 2014
    Uzbekistan enjoys a high rate of employment among both women and men, but gender divisions remain at work and at home. Men are more likely to hold management roles, and work in higher-paid professions, while women are more likely to marry early and spend more time completing unpaid household tasks. UNDP in Uzbekistan’s ‘Women and Men in Uzbekistan – Employment Gaps’ infographic illustrates these trends, and suggests how they may be overcome.

  • Infographic - Steps for Applying for a Job at UNDPInfographic - Steps for Applying for a Job at UNDPJul 27, 2014
    Working for UNDP in Uzbekistan is an engaging, challenging and rewarding experience, and we are always looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals who share our vision and goals. Check out this infographic to learn how to apply for either a job or an intern position at our country office.

  • Infographic - Security AwarenessInfographic - Security AwarenessJul 27, 2014
    In emergency situations, preparedness, common sense and clear thinking are essential. The ‘Security Awareness’ infographic prepared by UNDP in Uzbekistan details how to prepare for and act during all manner of emergencies, ranging from security threats to nature disasters at home and at work, and explains the standard Developing Evacuation Plan for Uzbekistan.

  • Infographic - Air Tickets in UzbekistanInfographic - Air Tickets in UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    Created by UNDP in Uzbekistan’s procurement unit, the ‘Air Tickets in Uzbekistan’ infographic details how to purchase tickets for domestic and in and out-going flights with Uzbekistan Airways and other commercial airlines.

  • Infographic - Supply and Demand in the Labour MarketInfographic - Supply and Demand in the Labour MarketJul 27, 2014
    Finding a balance between supply and demand in the labour market is essential for economic development in Uzbekistan. This infographic illustrates key trends in employment rates and demographics.

  • Infographic - NGOs and Social ServicesInfographic - NGOs and Social ServicesJul 27, 2014
    With support from UNDP and other UN agencies, Uzbekistan’s growing numbers of NGOs are playing an increasingly important role in providing social services to those who need them. This infographic traces the growing role of NGOs in this field, and possible directions for future expansion.

  • Infographic - Your Visa to UzbekistanInfographic - Your Visa to UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    Getting a visa to visit Uzbekistan on a business trip does not need to be a headache! UNDP in Uzbekistan has created an easy-to-follow guide for how to get from completing your visa application to boarding a plane bound for sunny Tashkent!

  • Infographic - Earthquake AwarenessInfographic - Earthquake AwarenessJul 27, 2014
    Being indoors during an earthquake can be a terrifying experience, but there are some simple, easy-to-remember rules that will ensure your safety during and after such an event. UNDP in Uzbekistan has prepared a guide for earthquake awareness, highlighting the proven drop, cover and hold procedure.

  • Infographic - What services international travellers want at the airport? (landing)Infographic - What services international travellers want at the airport? (landing)Jul 27, 2014
    This infographic shows what are the main concerns of travellers during landing and possible solutions to these problems.

  • Infographic - Biology Management in UzbekistanInfographic - Biology Management in UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    Three infographics have been developed by UNDP in Uzbekistan, to demonstrate the importance of biological balance and conservation both within our nation and around the globe.

  • Infographic - 16 Days of ActivismInfographic - 16 Days of ActivismJul 27, 2014
    To recognise 16 Days of Activism, a campaign to combat violence against women, UNDP Uzbekistan developed an infographic that draws attention to the topic under-discussed in Uzbekistan.

  • Infographic - Airport DeparturesInfographic - Airport DeparturesJul 27, 2014
    This infographic, developed by UNDP in Uzbekistan, provides an overview of the services that international travelers expect and appreciate when departing from an international airport.

  • Infographic - Biogas Technology in UzbekistanInfographic - Biogas Technology in UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    Biogas provides a unique and sustainable means for farmers and residents in rural Uzbekistan to generate energy in a clean and environmentally-friendly way.

  • Infographic - Clean Development MechanismInfographic - Clean Development MechanismJul 27, 2014
    This infographic details the development of Uzbekistan’s Clean Development Mechanism, which will ensure the nations’ environmentally-sustainable growth for years to come.

  • Infographic - Solar GreenhouseInfographic - Solar GreenhouseJul 27, 2014
    Solar Greenhouses are inexpensive, easy to install, and capable of significantly boosting the productivity of farmers. Check out this infographic to see how solar greenhouses work.

  • Infographic - HarassmentInfographic - HarassmentJul 27, 2014
    Workplace harassment is unacceptable in the UNDP Country Office in Uzbekistan, and within the UN system as a whole.

  • Infographic - Housing Fund in UzbekistanInfographic - Housing Fund in UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    The Housing Fund in Uzbekistan works to ensure that every citizen in the nation has a secure and environmentally-sound home.

  • Infographic - Security Awareness - EvacuationInfographic - Security Awareness - EvacuationJul 27, 2014
    Do you know how to behave in a security crisis? Do you know where to go and who to report to? This infographic details the best methods of ensuring personal safety and the safety of others during crisis situations.

  • Infographic - Security Clearance ProcedureInfographic - Security Clearance ProcedureJul 27, 2014
    For UNDP staff, travelling within Uzbekistan requires a Security Clearance. See this infographic to learn about the importance of a Security Clearance, and how to attain it as required.

  • Infographic - SolarInfographic - SolarJul 27, 2014
    Solar power has the potential to have a tremendous impact on the availability of energy in rural regions of Uzbekistan. The development of solar power will mean less of an impact on the environment, and better lives for families.

  • Infographic - Trip Registration GuideInfographic - Trip Registration GuideJul 27, 2014
    If you are a UN employee, registering for travel is the best way to ensure your safety and the success of your trip.

  • Infographic - Business e-RegistrationInfographic - Business e-RegistrationJul 27, 2014
    Business e-Registration gives entrepreneurs a faster means to set up their businesses.

  • Infographic - Inclusive BusinessInfographic - Inclusive BusinessJul 27, 2014
    Inclusive Business is a model that has been used globally to encourage development on local, national and international levels.

  • Infographic - Budget CodeInfographic - Budget CodeJul 27, 2014
    This infographic regarding Uzbekistan's recently-established Budget Code introduces the way the government allocates and spends public funds.

  • Infographic - Asset ManagementInfographic - Asset ManagementJul 27, 2014
    This infographic outlines the asset management practices used by UNDP in Uzbekistan.

  • Infographic - Hotels in TashkentInfographic - Hotels in TashkentJul 27, 2014
    Tashkent has a wide range of a quality hotels available to visitors. Check out this infographic to learn which city hotels meet your needs and price ranges.

  • Infographic - International Travel to and from UzbekistanInfographic - International Travel to and from UzbekistanJul 27, 2014
    Not only is Uzbekistan an important travel hub in Central Asia, but it is also becoming an important destination for international business and tourism visitors. This infographic outlines key trends in travel in and out of Uzbekistan.

  • Infographic - Overcoming Breathing DifficultiesInfographic - Overcoming Breathing DifficultiesJul 27, 2014
    These educational infographics explain breathing exercises for patients suffering from breathing difficulties, targeting communities in the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan.

  • Infographic - Civil Courts of Uzbekistan in FiguresInfographic - Civil Courts of Uzbekistan in FiguresNov 18, 2014
    Developed by the ‘Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management’ project, this infographic provides a snapshot of Uzbekistan’s courts system. It details the workloads of judges, gender ratios among judges, and the outcomes of court decisions.

  • Infographic - Women and men in UzbekistanInfographic - Women and men in UzbekistanNov 18, 2014
    This infographic aims to raise general awareness about differences in achievements between women and men, and also offers a number of concrete recommendations for improving the current situation.

  • Infographic - Social Enterprise Planning StagesInfographic - Social Enterprise Planning StagesFeb 18, 2015
    Present Information graphic lists the stages of planning of a social enterprise, schematically dividing them into two sections: a) formulation of idea/concept; b) development of Socio-Economical Plan.

  • Infographic - Recommendations on creation of social enterprise in UzbekistanInfographic - Recommendations on creation of social enterprise in UzbekistanFeb 19, 2015
    Present Information graphic laconically, but clearly states the ways of registration of a social enterprise in Uzbekistan.

  • Infographic - Peculiarities of recruitment of people with disabilitiesInfographic - Peculiarities of recruitment of people with disabilitiesFeb 19, 2015
    Present Information graphic has been developed to understand the processes of recruitment and is useful both for HR specialists and potential employees of social enterprises. In this infographics stages of recruitment are listed, documents, requested from candidate and filed in his/her personal case, points, obligatory for a work record book, are stated, etc.

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