Resident Coordinator`s Annual Report for 2010

In this letter you will find an overview of the work of the UN system in Uzbekistan focusing on the goals of the UN reform and coordination as per the priorities identified and the main trends that have affected the UN work in Uzbekistan during 2010.   Published by: UNRC more


Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) between UNDP and the Government of Uzbekistan

This Agreement, signed by UNDP and the Government of Uzbekistan in 1993, embodies the basic conditions under which UNDP and its executive agencies shall support the Government of Uzbekistan in carrying out its development projects, and under which such UNDP-assisted projects shall be executed. Itmore


The United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2010-2015

The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is the result of a consultative process undertaken to analyse how the United Nations can most effectively respond to Uzbekistan’s national priorities and needs. more


UNDP assists Uzbekistan in many critical development issues, from combating environmental degradation, stopping and reversing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, promoting good, inclusive governance and economic development. Uzbekistan has achieved significant growth since the mid-2000s, despite the global financial crisis, and in 2010 it was reclassified as a lower middle income country. During Uzbekistan’s development, UNDP has remained an important partner of the national Government, NGOs and civil society, providing policy advice and technical assistance. In the current UN development assistance framework, UNDP has continued and further expanded its current activities, has advocated for the Millennium Development Goals, and has coordinated donor activities.