Millenium Development Goals


Government Action Plan on MDGs for 2011-2015

Government Action Plan on Millennium Development Goals for the years 2011-2015. more


MDG Youth Briefing Kit: A Practical Guide for Students

The ‘Millennium Development Goals Youth Briefing Kit: a Practical Guide for Students’ has been prepared by the United Nations Office in Uzbekistan, in order to expand youth involvement and youth initiatives in Uzbekistan as related to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The kit is primarilymore


Millennium Development Goals in Uzbekistan

The Millennium Development Goals represent a global effort contributed to by every country in the world. It is important that the goals are adapted to reflect what is plausible and attainable in each country around the world, and Uzbekistan has set concrete and realistic national MDG targets andmore


As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, Uzbekistan is fulfilling its promises to address the challenges outlined in the MDGs. The Government of Uzbekistan recognises the relevance and acuteness of these challenges in the national development context. UNDP has worked extensively with the Government of Uzbekistan and national partners to ensure that MDGs are achieved.