Human Development


Empowering Lives, Building Resilience

This publication features success stories from 16 countries where UNDP support has resulted in transformative changes, including by fostering the growth of institutional and human capacities. more


National Human Development Report 1998

The main goal of the 1998 Human Development Report is to analyze the role of the state in economic, social and democratic reforms in the period of transition to a market economy. State policy in Uzbekistan is strongly socially oriented. Social policies are being implemented throughout the country more


National Human Development Report 1999

The selection and implementation of a comprehensive human development strategy is a complicated prospect for countries in transition. In contrast to many developing countries, these societies have had to address the problems of collapsing educational and healthcare systems at a time when public more


The idea and vision of Human Development is that the true wealth of a country is in its people. Human beings should be seen as the ends in themselves, rather than the means to achieving progress within the socio-economic development of a country. The Human Development concept is about broadening people’s choices and enhancing their capabilities and freedoms, enabling them to live long and healthy lives, have access to knowledge and a decent standard of living. Extensive work has been conducted by UNDP to promote Human Development in Uzbekistan.